Viral: Bella Hadid goes topless and gets a live dress spray painted on her body at Paris

American supermodel Bella Hadid is hitting the headlines for a one of kind fashion show. Hadid strutted on the Paris Fashion Week runway topless, then got a white dress spray-painted on her body and the video from the show has gone viral.

For the grand finale by Coperni, Hadid stood straight on the ramp while three men spray-painted a white layer of latex over her body.

As captured by New York Times fashion critic Vanessa Friedman and many others on social media, the model, 25, appeared on the runway in nothing but a pair of underwear and heels, covering her breasts while a team of three men spray a dress on her body, Page Six reported.

As the artist sprayed a coat of paint on Hadid, she elegantly lifted her arms one by one, and in no time the paint transformed into a mid-length dress with a high-rise slit, cut into shape by a designer on stage, live in front of a huge audience.

The dress was made of Fabrican, a spray-on material that hardens into a wearable textile. The techs sprayed the fabric over her body in the shape of a dress, and, after some careful adjusting, she walked down the runway in the stunning outfit.

Coperni is known for their daring styles — the brand went viral in April for their purse made of hand-blown glass, carried by Kylie Jenner and Doja Cat.

Bella’s appearance on the fashion show has garnered everyone’s attention. Reacting to it, a social media user commented, “Bella Hadid closing coperni ss23, wearing a spray-on dress created live on runway. iconic!”

Another one wrote, “Fashion history. iconic. pure art. breathtaking. bella hadid closing coperni ss23 in a dress that was sprayed onto her during the show.”

Bella has been wowing all over the catwalk this month, hitting the runway earlier in the day for Victoria Beckham and walking in the Isabel Marant fashion show with sister Gigi Hadid on Thursday. She also appeared in London earlier this week for Burberry, and Milan and New York City before that.

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