Sara Ali Khan and Janhvi Kapoor open up about their bond with their mothers on ‘Koffee with Karan’

The second episode of Koffee with Karan Season 7 was back with a bang with Bollywood’s two BFFs Sara Ali Khan and Janhvi Kapoor. While the duo are competitors on the professional front, they seem to have hit it off well on a personal level.

From working out together to going on trips and sharing adventures, the two seem to share a close relationship with each other.

Besides revealing their secret crushes and who they’re stalking on Instagram, Sara and Janhvi describe their relationship with their parents, especially their mothers.

Sara Ali Khan on having a different upbringing than Janhvi Kapoor

Although Sara Ali Khan and Janhvi Kapoor share a close bond with each other, the two have had a completely different upbringing, highlights Karan Johar on the show.

He says,”Janhvi is a bit of a princess in her house, raised in a certain way… even now with your dad, I see that he calls you all the time. He’s definitely not on your speed dial, but you’re on his.”

Diverting his attention to Sara, he continues, “So she was raised by a protective dad and mom and protective environment. Whereas you had a different kind of upbringing because you saw a parental split and then of course you had to mature even faster and get into that zone.”

In response Sara shares that she thinks they are very different because of the way they have been brought up. However, she clarifies that she doesn’t feel any sense of FOMO (fear of missing out) when it comes to not having a protective vibe.

“But having said that, mom is not necessarily protective in the way that she’ll call me 10 times, but she’s a very, very solid person that I know has my back,” she adds.

Janhvi opens up about the loss of her mother Sridevi

Dhadak actress Janhvi Kapoor, who lost her mom in 2018, revealed that she is “yet to come to terms” with the loss of her mother.

“I think it would have been an impossibility to have to go through that without Anshula didi and Arjun bhaiya. Nothing can make up for the loss that I have endured I think. But it’s a new dynamic. I think I am a different person,” she says.

Furthermore, she shares that it almost feels as if the person she was when her mom was around was a “fantasy” and that the life that she had was “idyllic” and felt like a “dream.”

She goes on to say, ” “The reality that I am living now is so anchored. It feels secure only because of Arjun Bhaiya and Anshula didi. I’d like to think that I have retained and preserved whatever she has instilled in me but it almost hurts to remember the person that I was because it was different.”

“I don’t think I have dealt with it to be honest, and I should but I’m happier than I’ve been in a long time,” she adds.

How the pandemic helped her cope

While recognizing her entitlement, Jahnvi says that the lockdown was “great” for her. For her, it was nice to not be seen for a bit and says that it was her only “semblance of normalcy.”

The pandemic also gave her the time to “understand” her dynamic with her father and sister after losing her mother.

“I don’t think we ever got the time to understand or make that adjustment because we were all trying to distract ourselves. But then we were in the house, all together and we, I think became best friends in a way, ” she recollects.

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