Min Corners Govt Over River Sand Loot, Claims None Listening To His Concerns | Jaipur News

JAISALMER: Cabinet minister Hemaram Choudhary on Sunday levelled allegations of illegal river sand mining worth crores of rupees on his own government.
He said that the government was “looting” in Barmer in the name of river sand and that there was no one, starting from mines minister Pramod Jain Bhaya to the chief minister, to listen.
Choudhary told the media on Sunday that he had told Bhaya that if “bajri mining loot” was not stopped, he would stand with the people. Bajri is being sold for more than Rs 550 per tonne and a royalty slip is being cut for around Rs 40, he said, adding that the mining mafia is causing damage to revenue and also looting the people.
The minister said he receives so many phone calls from people that he has lost his sleep.
“When people said they were being lured, I got an investigation done and found that the people were really being looted. The biggest problem in Barmer is bajri. I am with the people. Contractors of river sand from Jalore are selling illegal bajri at very high prices in Barmer,” said Choudhary.
He said he has informed about this situation to both Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and Bhaya.
“After this sand mining started in some places in Barmer, but the contractor is illegally collecting money in the name of river sand and selling them at 15 times more than the price,” he said.
Choudhary further said that the CM had called a meeting regarding sand mining around a month ago.
“In that he had told the minister how people were being looted and that the lease should be given to somebody in Balotra, Janiyana and Sindhari. Then, on September 1, sand mining was started in Balotra and Janiyana. Lease has not been given in Sindari. The rate of bajri per truck is Rs 10,000, but it is being sold for Rs 20,000 to Rs 25,000 per truck,” he said.

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