How many kaju katlis are too many kaju katlis?

How many
kaju katlis do you end up having during the festive season? The answer to this ranges from five in a day to polishing off a half kg box in one go! But before you binge on that box of
kaju katli this festive season and tell yourself “
arre saal me ek baar hi toh aise khaate hain,” here are some health facts about
kaju katli.

‘Can we indulge in kaju katli?’ is the most common question to dieticians every Diwali

Nutritionists, dieticians and fitness experts say that come Diwali, the most frequently asked question is “how many
kaju katlis can I have?” They say that this query comes mostly for the binge-friendly
kaju katli and not for other mithais like
laddoos and
gulab jamuns. Celebrity nutritionist Ruchi Sharma says, “People think that dry fruit mithais are healthier, but we need to understand that there is very little
kaju in
kaju katli, and there is a lot more sugar and ghee in it. Also, this sweet is easy to overconsume.” Nutritionist and chef Ishti Saluja adds, “The texture of cashews and sugar with ghee is so addictive that it’s easy to consume a few pieces in one go and that is why many have a problem of overindulgence.”

Moderation is key
Nutritionist and chef Ishti Saluja says, “The texture of this sweet is addictive. But if you’re consuming 1400 calories a day, then four pieces take up a large proportion of your daily calorie limit,” adding, “So be mindful, enjoy one piece at a time. When you gulp it down, your mind doesn’t register taste or texture, and that’s when the hand automatically picks up another piece, and then another.”

Kaju katli calories

One or two pieces is okay, but don’t keep consuming it for days during the festive season, advises celebrity nutritionist Ruchi Sharma. “Have one piece in a separate bowl, instead of eating it out of a
dabba full of kaju katlis,” she says.

You need one hour of running to burn off 10 pieces of kaju katli!

Apoorvi Sethi, a nutritionist and health coach, feels that the problem with
kaju katli is that you just don’t eat one. “You’ll need to do one hour of running to burn off 10 pieces. So think hard before you eat,” says Apoorvi.

Is there a way to reduce the guilt? The trick is to stick to one
kaju katli with each meal, advises fitness expert and coach Abhinav Mahajan. “If you consume it regularly during the festive season, add one hour of brisk walking, cross trainer, cycling or any other cardio at low intensity every day until you can control your cravings. This would mean burning around 500-600 calories in one session, he says, adding, “Also try walking at least 10,000 steps during the day in total to counter the calories consumed.”

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