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Jaipur: Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot announced that the directorate of peace and non-violence will be upgraded into a department. The decision was made during a meeting of the NGOs on the implementation of budget at the Birla Auditorium on Monday.
The CM said his government views civil society and activists as friends of the government which contribute to the system’s reform and criticism from activists is not taken negatively by his government.
Gehlot said the next budget will be dedicated to youth, students, and women. Speaking about the progress of girls’ education he said girls outnumbering boys in higher educational institutions is a progressive step.
Talking about the prevailing communal situation in the country, he said, the situation in the country is very precarious. Gehlot said the incidents at Karauli, Jodhpur and Udaipur could have gone out of control, but due to people’s faith in the government, it has been brought under control and culprits were nabbed.
He said the religious minority in the country and in a particular locality are living under fear due to vitiated communal situations. He accused the Prime Minister and his party of playing politics in the name of religion for political dividends, which is very dangerous for the country.
He also appealed to the prime minister to listen to the NGOs and social activists to know about the ground reality. “The right to information, right to education, food security act, and NREGA are the products of NGOs’ collaboration in governance during the UPA government. Those who negate civil society have no faith in democracy,” said Gehlot.
Accusing the Lokpal movement as politically motivated, he said, those who advocated Lokpal and Anna Hazare have vanished from the political horizon.
He also criticised the Agnipath scheme. “The biggest joke of the year is the Agnipath scheme which gives the youth four years of job in the armed forces,” he said, adding that the prime minister is an expert in giving fancy names like ‘Agniveers’.
Noted social activists Aruna Roy and Nikhil Day organized the one-day programme in collaboration with the state finance department.
Activists commended the initiative and termed it as a “pioneering move”.

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