Chanderi saris are having a moment

As light as a feather and glistening like a water droplet, Chanderi is one of the most loved fabrics In India. Sure to fit in the wardrobes of those who admire and love wearing Indian handloom textiles. Chanderi owes its name to the town of Chanderi in Madhya Pradesh, where this fabric is produced on handlooms constructed with the help of an ancient jala technique, not very common these days. A fabric suitable for Indian weather, Chanderi is lightweight and sheer and has a regal shine to it that makes it appropriate for occasions like parties and weddings since it is opulent but still lightweight. The fabric comes in blends of silk and cotton or varieties in silks and therefore has a variation in fall and sheen. Most suitable for summers in India, chanderi is commonly used in Indian wear and is yet to experiment with western silhouettes on a large scale.

It is not a wonder that chanderi is still relevant in the country as it fulfils the desires and needs required by the wearer and the weather conditions. The uniqueness of the fabric lies in the motifs of the fabrics, which are woven using zari. The most common motif used in chanderi is the coin motif. Florals are also an important motif inspiration for the craft of Chanderi. Made using de gummed silk the fabric has a translucent property that makes it look extremely delicate and sheer. It has a loose weave to keep the sheerness intact. once, used to dress only the royalty, now chanderi has gained popularity among the various art and craft lovers from across the country and even abroad. with design interventions, the fabric has developed a more beautiful fall and variations in colours and motifs making it more appealing and stand out from the regular chanderi designs, thus creating a larger market for the craft. the new interventions in the craft have definitely stolen the hearts away and people happily buy chanderi for their occasions’ light functions. Most commonly chanderi is used on kurtas, dupattas, skirts and saris.

Being so versatile and airy that drapes next to the skin and is meticulously handcrafted by expert artisans, chanderi is sure to steal the hearts away this season as always and will be under development due to design interventions and opportunities.

By Gautam Gupta, Co-Founder Label by Asha Gautam

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