Cancer risk: Men are more likely to develop multiple tumours than women, according to study

Lifestyle factors were responsible for only a small fraction of the difference between men and women. Dr Jackson said the differences in lifestyle factors like smoking, diet, and health conditions such as diabetes between men and women explain only 20 percent of the male bias in bladder cancer, that men are “more than three times … Read more

Vitamin D: These neurological disorders are linked with Vitamin D deficiency, according to studies

Apart from the issues mentioned above, vitamin D has been massively linked to brain health. Its contribution to brain functioning is a reason why its deficiency affects cognitive functioning. Vitamin D deficiency has been clinically linked to neurological diseases and neuropsychological disorders, cognitive impairment and neurodegenerative diseases. Research studies have confirmed the function of vitamin … Read more

Can you spot the crocodile within 5 seconds?

This seemingly difficult picture has a crocodile hidden within the dense vegetation. But it will not take more than 5 seconds to notice the hidden predator if one observes the picture closely. Yes, remember it only takes 5 seconds to notice the crocodile! This is a popular optical illusion which is shared massively over social … Read more

How to lose weight with thyroid

Start by deducting calories from your daily total to lose weight. Don’t adhere to a very restrictive, low-calorie diet. The body will simply store calories, which will lead to weight growth. Instead, you should strike a balance between the number of calories you consume and the number of calories you expend each day. Eliminating all … Read more

Importance of HbA1c in diabetes monitoring

India is home to more than 77 million diabetic patients according to International Diabetes Federation and in 2019 diabetes was reported as the direct cause of 1.5 million deaths, as per World Health Organization. This data on diabetic patients also correlates with the presence of other chronic conditions in these patients. As per the recently … Read more