Can you spot the crocodile within 5 seconds?

This seemingly difficult picture has a crocodile hidden within the dense vegetation. But it will not take more than 5 seconds to notice the hidden predator if one observes the picture closely. Yes, remember it only takes 5 seconds to notice the crocodile!

This is a popular optical illusion which is shared massively over social media platforms. The fact that there is a crocodile hidden within the dense plant growth interests people and the challenge that one has to spot the hidden creature within a few seconds makes it more tempting.

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What is the image all about?

The image looks like a part of a pond or a small river which has been uncared for months.

As per the optical illusion, there is a crocodile hidden within these dense water plants.

The rough and dense vegetation all over the water surface makes it look as if this part of the water is not used by the human beings staying nearby thus making the vegetation grow so densely.

The presence of a crocodile inside a water body is another reason why it can be assumed that the water body might be frequented by human beings or other animals.

Hint 1

Do not look at the obvious; look where there is the least chance of being found out. The hunter-huntee pattern is based on the concept of “not being in sight”. The wildlife ecosystem is based on this. A huntee will not be always able to spot the hunter, even if it is within sight and no matter how alert it is.

Try to look at the extreme corners and edges of the picture to spot the crocodile.

Hint 2

Still, could not find the crocodile?

Even if a hunter is waiting for the prey keeping its breath on hold, how do you think it will be checking its moves? By keeping an eye on it!!

The same way, no matter how well it camouflages with its surroundings, the crocodile will use its eyes to watch its prey.

A crocodile’s eyes have striking features. It has a horizontal streak like those of reptiles. Moreover, a crocodile’s eyes are distinct from other reptiles in terms of size and shape as well.

As per a report, crocodiles are both short sighted and far sighted, which means that they can see the tiniest movement in their prey even from a large distance.

Another interesting feature of the eyes of the crocodiles is that it can switch from front to the side. So whichever side the prey goes, the crocodile can watch its movement without even moving its body.

Yes! There it is.

To the extreme left side and just above the lower left corner is the crocodile waiting for its prey with its big wide eyes open.

A tip: Crocodiles are excellent swimmers. They can swim up to 15 to 18 miles per hour. It is therefore advisable to not swim in the water body which has crocodiles. Stick to the warnings and remain alert of your surrounding.

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