5 lucky foods to eat when facing a hard time

No one is perfect, let’s accept it. Even with the kind of hard work we do, there are times when nothing goes right and a sinking feeling steps in. But, it is important that one should not feel discouraged when nothing is going in the right direction. One should always be positive and during such challenging situations, maintain a good mindset as to how well you can clear the path ahead. Apart from a good mindset, it is important to consume a diet that can calm your mind. Aayushi Bhargava, who is a Tarot Reader based in Panchkula recently posted about some foods that not only can calm your mind but also prove to be lucky when facing a hard time. She says, if you are struggling in your life and want to clear your path for a successful future, then you must consume these foods. They might not instantly show you the results but are fruitful in their way. Take a look at these lucky foods that you must include in your diet. (Images courtesy: Canva)

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